Amanat, a bride to-be, once came to me to seek advice. She told me that she had a perfect vision of how she wanted her wedding to be and described it as below: “Marigolds, Shehnai, The Chants, Holy fire, Crimson ghagra with zari. And for jewellery,I would like gold and polki necklace with big jhumkas- something very traditional andsomething that I will cherish for years. And for the reception, white roses and white candles, a silver gown with a diamond choker and long chandelier earrings, very classic jewellery that will enhance the elegance of the night. That's my wedding! And that is how I want my jewellery to be as it will complete the perfect vision of my wedding.” Her dilemma was that she exactly knew how she wanted her wedding jewellery to look like but she could not find anything that matched her vision in the stores that she visited. And so my answer to her was very simple. “Go for customized jewellery!” For every bride to-be who faces a dilemma like Amanat, I will summarize briefly why you should go for jewellery customization for your wedding.


If you are in the market to buy jewellery, especially for your wedding, you may be spoilt for choices available to you. Although there is a sufficient and diverse variety of a jewel available in the market, there is a small chance that you will find that perfect chandbali that has red enameling on it, or that diamond necklace that will accentuate your reception gown. For your wedding jewellery, you want the design to be perfect, the craftsmanship to be flawless and the price to be just right! And all these concerns are addressed by customization. There is a certain charm to having custom-designed jewellery that beats any piece of jewellery that you would buy off the-shelf. Let me list the merits of having jewellery customized for your wedding and simultaneously address concerns that one might have regarding the same. Every piece of jewellery that you have customized is a one-of-a-kind piece. There is a rare chance that anyone around you will have a similar piece like yours, so in that sense you will be the proud owner of a unique piece of jewellery.

You can seek the services of a reputed jewellery designer who can help you with the process of having your jewellery designed and made. From putting your ideas on a piece of paper to translating it into design options to having the actual piece made, the designer can hand hold you through the entire process of customization. And if it concerns you that you cannot visualize what is represented on the paper to turn out the way it was envisaged, you can always ask for the wax model of the piece. The wax model will give you an accurate idea of the design and size of the jewellery. Each jewellery piece is worked upon very precisely, using the highest quality of metal and stones, creating something that is flawless. The expertise and skill of the craftsman, under the supervision of the designer, allows the jewellery piece to be created in the same way that you have envisioned. Customization also enables you to re-work that special pendant that your grandmother gave you or your mom’s wedding jewellery that holds a lot of sentimental value. You can work with your designer and explore possibilities of having the heirloom piece incorporated in your jewellery. Jewellery making is an art that has been perfected and passed from one generation to the other. You would rather work with someone who is directly connected to supervising and making the jewellery then deal with a retail store salesman, who does not have the practical skills and knowledge that goes in making a jewellery piece. Modern technology and supply-chains have become so complex that it’s increasingly difficult to know where and how an item is made, where the raw materials were sourced from etc. Customization helps connecting directly with someone who allows you to bypass the wholesalers, importers, distributors and retailers and it provides you with transparency throughout the process It is a myth that customized jewellery is more costly than something that you buy off the shelf. Retail stores have high markups on their goods due to their high over-head costs. As opposed to that, there is minimal peripheral expense incurred when you buy customized jewellery from someone working out of a studio or a boutique store. So, the cost of the jewellery may be comparable or even lower when you opt for customization. Amanat opted for customization of her wedding jewellery and she chose to take help of Puja Shah, jewellery designer and co-owner of Aurusjewels. So, if you are a bride to-be and are in the shoes of Amanat, not knowing where to look for your wedding jewellery, you now know what to do!

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