As important as the right neckline is for your blouse, so is the right necklace, because let's face it—not every necklace looks good with every outfit. They unquestionably play a significant role in perfectly finishing your bridal outfit. The dilemma of what to wear with which neckline, is one that baffles us women on a regular basis. But fret not. By the end of this, every time you go about choosing a necklace design for your neckline, it is going to be a walk in the park!

Picking the Right Wedding Necklace Design

Here are some of the most popular necklines that you can go for and the wedding necklaces that go with each of them.

Scoop or Round Neck

Indian necklace for brides

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The scoop or round neckline is one of the go-to necklines, be it custom clothing or ready-to-wear. It is wide and deep, giving the appearance of a lengthened neck and emphasizing the collar bone. Traditional wedding necklaces such as the Aadh necklace, chokers, princess necklaces or other statement pieces go well with this neckline.

Square Neck

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Despite having been around for eons, the square neckline still finds a spot in the preferred neckline list of the millennial brides. The elegance of the square neckline rests in the fact that you can wear it with almost every type of wedding necklace and still appear stunning. If your neckline is deep, you can go for a bib necklace or a heavy Guluband necklace. You can go for a Rani Haar if the neckline isn't deep enough to accommodate a bib necklace.

Sweetheart Neck

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The sweetheart neckline is perhaps the most striking amongst all. They have a fashionable and eye-catching appearance, making them one of the most popular necklines that millennial brides go for. Both a princess-length necklace design and a choker with a drop that snugly accentuates the neckline would look fantastic.

V Neck

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A V-neck blouse looks stylish and contemporary and gives a taller silhouette. It distinguishes the blouse from other necklines and gives it a bit of a fresh style. To emphasize the neckline, you can choose longer necklaces that are also V-shaped. You can also go for bib necklaces, chokers or layer it with a long wedding necklace design, such as a Satlada, for a regal look.

Boat Neck

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The boat neck is one of the most elegant and sophisticated necklines and is a real favorite among modern brides. Although the boat neck blouse looks fine without jewelry as well, if you still want to wear a necklace, you can go for longer necklace designs that hang close to the chest or those with several strands. The Rani Haar and the Satlada are popular bridal necklace ideas and go well with the boat neckline.

High or Crew Neck

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Even though crew neck or high neck is one of the most popular neckline options for brides, there's no denying that it can be a little challenging to find the right wedding necklace for it. If the neck work is sufficiently heavy, you might not even need a necklace. But if you still choose to go for one, your necklace design must be a perfect fit in terms of the pattern, the stones, and the material it is created from in order to look nice on this neckline. Both bib necklaces and the conventional Rani Haar would look stunning. You can also wear the two together to create a heavier statement look.

Off-shoulder Neck

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Off-shoulder blouses are quite in trend among the millennial brides. It is one of the simplest when it comes to selecting a necklace design. Although they match with almost anything, they look their finest when worn with classic choker necklaces that have drops to give the outfit more grace.

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