HM Queen Elizabeth II wore a suite of ruby jewels by Garrard to the State Banquet hosted for the US President.

Let's get some trivia on the beautiful jewelry that she wore. 

Queen Elizabeth Burmese ruby tiara Image: House of Garrard

There is some speculation this morning about the Queen’s choice of tiara for President Trump’s visit. It’s the Burmese ruby tiara designed by the Queen herself from a wedding gift of 96 Burmese rubies believed to protect the wearer from the 96 evils and afflictions humans are prey to. The diamonds are from the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara, one she had dismantled to reuse the stones here, a decision that rankles some jewelry purists. The Queen also chose Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby necklace for the occasion. This piece was, when Victoria first owned it, set with opals. Queen Alexandra chose rubies instead (yes opals are thought to be bad luck but that myth is based on a misreading of a passage in a novel that I will post about at another time). How does one pick a tiara when you have a treasure of them to choose from? I don’t dare speculate, all I see is a brilliant and loyal and Stone Cold Queen.
-Stellene Volandes
(Town & Country Editor in Chief)


Queen Elizabeth Burmese ruby tiara
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