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Why you should have your jewellery customized

April 21, 2018

If you are in the market to buy jewellery, especially for your wedding or a special occasion, you may be spoilt for choices available to you. There is sufficient ready to-wear jewellery that you can choose from, but many patrons prefer to have their pieces for the special occasion custom-made. There is a certain allure to having custom-designed jewellery that beats any piece of jewellery that you would buy ready-made. It is not that every piece of jewellery that you buy should be bespoke. There is also a definite merit in buying certain pieces off-the-shelf. But then again, one needs to be made aware of the reasons why they should opt for custom-designed jewellery for a special occasion in their life:

  • The beautiful thing about a bespoke jewellery piece is that it is truly unique, just like you. It is neither mass-produced nor has someone else owned a similar piece like yours.  Even if you choose a style similar to an existing piece, it is unlikely that both the pieces will be a replica of each other. Your jewellery will be like no one else’s. It will be one of a kind.
  • Having a customized piece of jewellery, means that you are involved in every step of the process. Because of this, you can be in control of, and make the most of your budget, by selecting stones and styles that will suit you the most.

    Aurus Customized Jewellery

  • You don’t have to be creative or artistic to make a bespoke piece of jewellery. You can collaborate with a specialist and both of you can work together to design something that is perfect for you.
  • If you have a family heirloom, such as a ring, pendant or a bracelet, that holds great sentimental value to you, you can explore options of revamping it. If it has been your dream to wear your beloved grandmother’s ring, or a necklace that has been passed down the generations, it’s reaffirming to know that designers can fulfill this wish. This can also be a beautiful tribute to someone who was special and would mean the world to you and your families.
  • Making a one-of jewellery piece involves a level of care unparalleled tomass-producedor off-the shelf pieces. Each jewellery piece is worked upon very precisely, using the highest quality of gold and diamonds, creating something that is flawless. The expertise and skills of the craftsman, under the supervision of the designer, allows the jewellery piece to be created in the same way a client had envisioned.
  • The general public predicts that ready-made jewellery is less costly than custom-designed jewellery. This is not true for the jewellery industry. Retail stores have high markups on their jewellery due to their high over-head costs.As opposed to that, there is minimal other expense incurred when you buy customized jewellery from someone working out of a studio or a boutique store. So, the cost of the jewellery may be comparable or even lower when you opt for customization.

    Aurus Jewellery

  • Jewellery making is an art that has been perfected and passed from one generation to the other.You would rather work with someone who is directly connected to supervising and making the jewellery then deal with a retail store salesman, who does not have the practical skills and knowledge to create jewellery.
  • Modern technology and supply-chains have become so complex that it’s increasingly difficult to know where and how an item is made, where the raw materials were sourced from etc. Customization entails connecting directly with someone who allows you to bypass the wholesalers, importers, distributors and retailers and it provides you with transparency throughout the process.


Puja Shah, the owner and co-founder of Aurusjewels says her thoughts on having jewellery customized, 

“Every bride-to-be has pictured how her wedding will be, right from the venue, to the decor, to clothes and jewellery.”

At Aurus, we put together all her ideas, and working with a budget that has been provided, help customize jewellery that completes her vision of a perfect wedding.

Aurus believes that there are preconceived emotions attached to it and makes sure that each piece is designed with utmost precision. Hence, its role as a designer of fine jewellery becomes very pivotal to offer to the bride, not just a family heirloom that may gather dust in bank vaults for most part of its life but a beautiful object of adornment that echoes the sentiments of a bride on the day of her wedding. It has to be something that completes the vision of her perfect wedding! “

This philosophy of Aurus completely resonates with our idea on when and why one should have jewellery custom-made.