It’s True What They Say

—no two weddings are the same. Every wedding, after all, begins with a dream. And no two dreams are ever the same either. You have dreamt of how you would like her wedding to be, having envisioned the smallest detail it entails, right from the destination to the theme to the clothes that she will wear and of course, the jewelry.

Jewelry Is A Reflection Of YOU.

Taking care of your wedding jewelry

Handle each piece with care as many settings are delicate and are prone to breakage if dropped or dealt with recklessly. While care has been taken to ensure that all the pieces adhere to the best quality and craftsmanship possible, the jewelry is handmade and there might be breakage, stone displacement or other issues due to conditions beyond our control.

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Multipurpose Indian wedding jewelry

Multi-functional jewellery is driven by both design and utilitarianism, serving many purposes at the same time. And its invest-in-one-piece-find-many-uses mantra is seeing more and more jewellery lovers gravitating towards it.

Repurpose mom's heirloom jewelry

Passing down Indian bridal jewelry sets for weddings through generations is a beautiful symbolic representation of one’s legacy. It’s not uncommon in India to see mothers giving their jewellery to their daughters or some ‘khandani’ (family) bangles or rings that are specially kept aside to welcome a new daughter-in-law.

Pairing your indian bridal jewellery & wedding attire

As important it is to pick your Indian wedding outfit that fits your body and occasion, it is equally important to pick the jewellery that fits the outfit and occasion. If matched properly, every jewellery piece is a statement on its own.