Ambika Sandur

Bangalore, India

Seen on Ambika, our Jaiselmeri necklace, a one-of-a-kind handcrafted neckpiece embellished with uncut diamonds.

Ayushi Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Ayushi, our Deccani Navaratna Necklace with customized Navaratna Hathphool and Earrings for her wedding day.

Anayat Samra

Jalandar, India

Seen on Anayat, our Farida Choker & Vasundhara Earrings. We loved being a part of her memories of a family wedding, a day of love and laughter.

Stefi Baum

Arizona, United States

I usually do not buy fine jewelry, but this was a special gift from my husband after many years of marriage, as I never had an engagement ring or anniversary ring. The ring finally made its way to me as a present from my husband and it is beautiful. I feel loved when I wear you jewelry.

Pavni Patel

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Pavni, our Panjshir Necklace and Earrings reflects luxury and timelessness through pearls and gemstones with the contrast of deep green emeralds against rich red enamel.

Neha Sharma

Bangalore, India

The ‘Haydari Necklace’ from AURUS(isn’t the name beautiful), again from a brand I love not just for what they make but also the people behind the brand. So, I tell you it’s always the people, the feelings, the impression they leave on you and the overall experience which is much more precious and valuable rather than the actual product.

Roshni Parikh

Mumbai, India

Seen on Roshni, our Aar choker embellished with star shaped polki motif on a bed of pearls with scattered tourmalines, finished with chaand elements and gemstone beads.

Ayushi Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Ayushi, our customized Navaratna Hathphool for her wedding day.

Anar Patel

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Anar, are our Sitaara Earrings, proving that there's beauty to simplicity, this earring is our homage to natural gemstone and the beauty it possesses.

Ramya Ramji

Hyderabad, India

Seen on Ramya, is our version of the tiger claw amulet worked in gold on a nephrite base and embellished with uncut diamonds, gemstones and enamel.

Poornima Rajendran

Bangalore, India

A young mom to a hyper daughter, an image consultant, an entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast. As a woman, I am challenged in all aspects of life & taking life with a positive mindset helps me progress & grow. The design & craftsmanship that goes into making fine jewelry is what matters the most. I have come across various pearl choker design from different brands, and once I saw the post on social media, I realized it was a unique design which caught my attention. Well, this is the first time I am buying a piece of jewelry online, and the confidence I gained was looking at the Instagram follower base, quick & genuine response to my queries. Sales & post-sales service was excellent. I feel elegant & confident when I wear this piece. I have tried multiple styles around this jewelry, and I must say it's a show stopper.

Jyothi Rajamannar

New York, USA

Seen on Jyothi, our Nitya Jaisalmeri Necklace inspired from the necklaces worn by the Jaisalmeri royals in the past, a vibrant long neck piece handcrafted in gold

Garima Satija

Bangalore, India

Karishma Swali

Mumbai, India

Received both pieces and absolutely love them! They are so perfect and perfectly in time too. Thank you so much! Please thank Puja and the whole team for this beauty. ❤️❤️❤️

Smita Ithape

Washington, United States

Yet again your creativity, support, packaging & shipping has exceeded my expectations. Loved the necklace and Emerald bracelet, I'm very pleased with its elegant femininity and timeless classic design. As Diwali is around the corner, your jewelry is already filling my heart with excitement. Aurus is a very trustworthy brand, looking forward to buy more.

Niyati Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Niyati, our Nitya Jaiselmeri necklace, a one-of-a-kind handcrafted neckpiece with carefully thought of colors put against each other.

Shaivali Shah

New York, United States

For Shaivali who lives in NYC and works for Morgan Stanley, we created a classic trousseau with uncut diamonds, a hint of color and pearls, for her wedding day, sangeet and reception looks.

Padma Lakshmi

Seen on Padma lakshmi, is one of our Indus Revival neckpieces.

Aparna Kanduri

San Jose, California

My husband gifted me these uncut diamond earrings for my birthday. They are absolutely gorgeous, so contemporary, yet so traditional. Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of jewelry. I enjoyed wearing it, I hope to wear it multiple times, with both Indian and western outfits.

Surbhi Sethi

Delhi, India

Seen on our Surbhi, our pearl-based choker and beautifully handcrafted baalis worked in gold, embellished with uncut diamonds finished with citrine and pink tourmaline.

Sripriya Ponnapalli

Palo Alto, California

It’s beautiful and I love the metal box it was packaged in too. I discovered you through Instagram. Love the aesthetic and timelessness of your pieces. As an Indian living abroad, shopping online brings me access to many things I wouldn’t normally have. Thanks, again!

Suhitha Shetty

Pune, India

Seen on Suhitha, is one of our Indus Revival neckpieces.

Shalini Kacker

New Delhi, India

I received the gorgeous neckpiece ... loved it so much 😍😍 Thank you for creating such pieces of absolute beauty 🧡🤗

Riya Kumbhani

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Riya is an intricately handcrafted set of neckpiece, chaandbalis and a maangtika, all worked in gold with a hint of color.

Archana Vonipenti

Michigan, USA

I am an Instagram addict and follow a lot of Indian fashion brands so I liked some of the jewellery I saw in your account and started following since last year. I do not wear much jewellery but as years went by I realized I gravitate towards timeless and classic pieces. So even if I have few, I make sure what I buy is something I can pass down for years. And hence my love for diamonds, pearls and precious stones. Since I followed u on Instagram for a year, I knew it was a genuine company. I also noticed you were featured on Indian vogue. To be honest, I was scared to order online but I took the chance and it worked out. I love the choker and got a ton of compliments already so enjoying it a lot right now.

Prasanna Bhaskar

Hong Kong, China

Thanks for the lovely piece. It is just what I hoped it to be. Reminds me of these little jewellery trinkets I would find in my grandmothers trunk. The studs which have lost the screw, the pendant that doesn’t have a chain. And I always wanted to bring them all altogether in one piece that brought back her memories. Unfortunately my grandma passed and the trinkets went many ways. This piece reminds me of what it could have been. Was so well packed. Thank you for making this happen. I can make your signature piece MY OWN.

Amita Gavirneni

California, USA

Vandana Berjis Desai

Mumbai, India

I am so glad I found you! I have been wearing the Ariya necklace and all the other jewels I bought from you, and love them! Always a pleasure to see what you all are upto.

Kanisha Shah

Ahmedabad, India

Toral Vora

Ahmedabad, India

Anushka Sheth

Ahmedabad, India

Bela Zhaveri

Ahmedabad, India

Chetna Shah

Ahmedabad, India

Seen on Chetna, our colorful choker and Jaiselmeri necklace.

Anu Upadhyayula

Chennai, India

Anu is seen wearing our emerald and polki pendant necklace for her baby-shower.

Puneet Jay Khanija

Dubai, UAE

Mahima Pandya

Ahmedabad, India

Rupa Shah

Ahmedabad, India

Devika Advani

Toronto, Canada

Wearing our classic tourmaline chaandbaalis and maangtikka.

Yogita Swaradekar

Goa, India

Priyanka Shah

Ahmedabad, India

Nisha Kundnani


Luxury is a feeling, unrushed. The new idiom : Make it small, but significant. The meaning of true luxury is not about how much we own, it's about how well we live. To live well, we need certainty and assurance and that comes with owning less and meaningful products. A true testament to that idea of discreet luxury and beauty in Indian jewellery made timeless with an edge of refinement. The beauty of Aurus jewellery is that it's so wearable. You may buy around the wedding but it fits the ideology, that you don't need special occasions to wear jewellery.

Jaina Lalbhai

Ahmedabad, India

Sharanya Rajan

San Francisco, California

Shanaya Patel

Ahmedabad, India

Chaanee Himanshu

Ahmedabad, India

Purva Vasa Damani

Ahmedabad, India

Charanya Ramkumar

California, USA

I follow several blogs on Instagram and that is how I found Aurus. I looked at their page and found several pieces that are unique and never seen before. I fell in love with a pair of diamond danglers; a style that I had been looking for and the price seemed reasonable as well. I was very apprehensive in ordering something online from India since I am in the US but I still took a chance and placed an order. It was very impressive that Aurus quoted me a price including taxes etc. upfront so there were no hidden fees. I have also reached out to several big jewelry companies in India and none of them have been as easy to deal with or as responsive as Aurus. My order was on my doorstep within the time promised and the process was seamless to say the least. I am already a repeat customer since I have just ordered another unique piece from them and will be glad to pass these heirloom pieces on to my daughter. Thank you for a wonderful experience Aurus!

Bijal Haria

Ahmedabad, India

Kaivana Jagrut

Ahmedabad, India
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