Jheel Necklace

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Drawing inspiration from Hyderabadi techniques of jewelry making, this necklace features six pendants, alternately placed with ornate units, that hold rose-cut diamonds and an emerald set in gold. Each pendant holds diamonds, an emerald at the centre, lined with pearls and a gold encased diamond or emerald hanging unit alternatively. The necklace is finished with bunches of seed pearls, hints of turquoise and green.

Estimated Details :

14K and 18K : 
Gold(14K) : 74g
Gold(18K) : 15.52g
Rose Cut Diamonds : 13ct
Emeralds : 12ct
Pearls : 30ct 
(The above weights are indicative.)

All 18K
Gold(18K) : 101g
Rose Cut Diamonds : 13ct
Emeralds : 12ct
Pearls : 30ct
(The above weights are indicative.)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.