Naksh Necklace

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These earrings feature the iconic Indian crescent motif worked in gold embellished with rose-cut diamonds and finished with uncut diamond units interspersed with natural gemstones like hessonites, agates, and tourmalines.

Gold (14K): 8.07g
Rose-cut Diamond: 1.30ct
Gemstones: Emerald, Hessonite, Chinese Cultured Pearls, Spinel, Agate
This design uses natural gemstone tumbles as drops. Tumbled gemstones are untreated and therefore may exhibit internal and external inclusions. Read more here.

Note: These earrings may fit differently depending on your ear type.

Rose-cut Diamonds may have inclusions, blemishes, and color variations. These are natural and may be noticeable due to the high transparency of the diamond. Like wabi-sabi, these irregularities add a distinctive appeal to this piece. Read more here.