Parakeet Necklace

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The Parakeet necklace with an iconic parrot motif comes encrusted with emeralds, rubies and uncut diamonds, handcrafted on gold. With a geometric floral unit at the centre, suspended from lines of pearls and finished with tumbled rubies and pearl drops- this necklace is a truly vibrant one.

Estimated details :
Gold(22K) : 20.8 gm
Uncut diamonds/Polki : 1.4 ct
Emeralds : 4 ct
Pearls : 11.8 gm
Tourmaline : 22 ct
Hessonite : 8 ct
(The above weights are indicative)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.