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The AURUS bride is a global traveller, she is fiercely independent and a free-thinker. She is an unapologetic lover of little traditions and able to embrace tradition in her own contemporary style.

Our in-depth, one-on-one consultation, in-person or virtual, is more than just helping you find the jewelry that goes with your ensemble—it is about knowing you, your likes and dislikes, your ideal mood, your dreams for the day!

With this collaboration, our singular vision is to help you create your dream wedding jewelry trousseau that echoes your sentiments and style perfectly.


“The jewellery and the overall look turned out exactly how I wanted it to. You guys really made my day extra special. Loved loved loved the jewellery and can’t wait to wear it all again. 🤗☺️”

Devanshi Amin

"I love the piece that you patiently curated for me. Everyone who asked me was surprised that all of this was done online! And the quality is unparalleled to any that I saw in any store ❤️"

Ann Prometheus

The Aurus Bride

We indulge in understanding your distinct preferences and help you visualize how the jewelry will look when complemented with a certain kind of clothes, decor, and event. The experience is reflective of our own ideas that define an ideal occasion—from simple to traditional, from flamboyant to whimsical. Whether you are a simple ROOH bride—a beautiful medley of the traditional and the modern, or fancy a pastel lehenga and the romance of TUSCANY; whether a red Kanjeevaaram against the rhythmic chants of priests from BENARAS is the mood for you, or you are an INDYRA bride, looking for a riot of music, color, and fun all the way—at Aurus, we recognize this individuality and attempt to ensure that the jewelry and the mood reflect it.

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"Aurus Jewels’ Eclectic Shine - In jewellery designer Puja Shah’s ingenious hands, traditional jewellery techniques get a whimsical makeover...."

The Voice of Fashion

I am a working professional since a long time in a rather boring and serious profession such as banking but yet I am very interested in Art and that includes beautiful jewelry and patterns and colours and designs which is what attracted me to Aurus. The designs, are a combination of colours and designs, the patterns and most importantly they are contemporary and yet traditional. The best part about Aurus is the transparency which I like very much, and the ease of purchasing online.

Virajini Ghate

Luxury is a feeling, unrushed. The new idiom : Make it small, but significant. The meaning of true luxury is not about how much we own, it's about how well we live. To live well, we need certainty and assurance and that comes with owning less and meaningful products. A true testament to that idea of discreet luxury and beauty in Indian jewellery made timeless with an edge of refinement. The beauty of Aurus jewellery is that it's so wearable.

Nisha Kundnani

Timeless elegance and immaculate artistry shine through the myriad Indian wedding jewellery offerings at Aurus; never before has jewellery catered to the finer feelings within the wearer with such finesse and expertise. Built to offer creations that can span generations, this is the Shah’s attempt at disrupting the old impersonal system of adornment and changing the game with personalized recommendations, aimed to make you feel like your most authentic self.


Jewellery designer Puja Shah feels that the millennial bride is a lot more discerning and appreciative of the finer things in life. “Brides-to-be are conscientious and are curating pieces that are versatile and can be broken up into two or three parts,” says Puja, founder and creative head of jewellery label Aurus.

The Indian Express

"Our Top Picks Of Navratna Jewellery For The New Age Bride: Nine out of ten times your wedding jewels sit in the lockers waiting for an opportunity...."

The Bridal Affair

Jewelry is a reflection of your personality, culture, upbringing, and lifestyle choices. And your wedding jewelry is not just gold and diamonds, it is much more, it is a material memory of the special day, it is your legacy, it is an emotion. We believe that buying fine jewelry for your wedding, is more than just that, it is also about bringing your vision to life, adding a little soul to the shimmer of gold.