Manushi Necklace

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Our undying love for the reviving traditional forms of jewelry shine through this beauty - this neckpiece is a beautiful concoction of two forms of necklaces - the 'Tinmaniya' and the 'Ariya' Necklace. The name 'Tinmaniya' refers to the central ball shaped units typical of this basic type and it is presented to a bride as an auspicious gift. And the 'Ariya' literally meaning wealthy, is fringed with graded gem-set triangles set with uncut diamonds/polki and pearls linearly placed in 6 rows that form a spreading network of dangles that waltz effortlessly strung on lines of pearls with hints of greens and highlights of blue tanzanite finished with a row of hessonite drops and another of emerald, rose quartz, tourmaline and citrine drops.

Estimated details :
Gold(24k) : 58g
Uncut diamonds/Polki : 18.5ct
Cultured Pearls : 185ct
Precious Stones : 88ct
(The above weights are indicative.)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.