Medha Mathapatti

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An air grandeur surrounds the elegant Medha mathapatti, hand crafted in gold and Polki/uncut diamonds. The centerpiece is made of a floral top motif having and another unit made of Polki/uncut diamonds and the iconic "Chaand" motif of rubies. Pattis of repeating Polki/uncut diamonds clover leaf motifs flanks the centerpiece on both sides. The mathapatti is finished by drops of pearls, precious green beads, and emeralds. Pair it with our majestic Medha necklace for a complete rich wedding look!


Estimated Details:

Gold(18K): 40g
Gold(22K): 11g
Uncut diamonds/Polki: 12ct
Pearls : 36ct

(The above weights are indicative.)

Note: If the design is not readily available it will be made to order, which will take us approximately 30-45 days.