Vibha Necklace

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Handcrafted Indian necklace consisting of 20 gold elements dressed in polki/uncut diamonds using the traditional jadai technique, equally divided on either side of an elaborate central unit, which is also kundan-set with diamonds decorated with chilai details. The two units adjacent to the central unit represent a majestic peacock, while the remaining units represent a paisley.

All the units are bordered with fungar—small gold cups to which pearls, with green enameled beads, are wired. Suspended from them are clusters of seed pearls, gold balls, and red enameled beads, each connected to a red cabochon tourmaline drop.

Of all bird motifs in Indian jewelry, the peacock is the most important. It is the vahana (mount) of Lord Shiva and Parvati's second son, Karttikeya, and symbolizes joy, beauty, and pride.
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Estimated Details :

Gold(18K) : 53.5g
Gold(22K) : 11.8g
Uncut diamond/Polki : 8.50ct
Tourmaline drops : 101ct
Pearls : 18ct
(The above weights are indicative.)

We promise to delivery an exquisite handcrafted fine jewelry piece made with uncompromising quality. Every product is designed and created as an heirloom to be held for generations.

Our usual delivery timeline depending on the design will be 30-45 business days. This includes time taken for production and delivery to your home with the exception of a design being readily available. We take care of all clearances and duties involved in the shipment.

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